I wanted to share with you what happens with the rare items that cannot be reused, repaired or recycled. So here is some of what we have been testing out behind the scenes. 🎬

👗 Tutu dresses and skirts that are past their best-by date can’t be recycled. So they are sent to local Playcentres for dress-up boxes and craft activities. We have also provided some to the awesome Re-Creators for a repurposing workshop.

ECE /kindergartens please reach out if you’re keen to join the waiting list.

🩱 Additional togs are being sent to a local swim school, who donate them to children going without swimming gear in their school coaching sessions. So far we thanks to our community we have donated 120 pieces.

👕 The very few t-shirts that can’t be recycled are passed onto the grounds team at Auckland Zoo, a not-for-profit wildlife conservation organisation.

👟 All shoes we receive go to the amazing sneaker initiative Lazy Sneakers.

One item we are working on is sequins (these have to be taken off clothes before they can be recycled). Any ideas on these, we are all ears.

Always a work in progress 🧪
The Ripple Team

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